Medojevic: A wall should be erected between Montenegro and so-called Kosovo and Albania due to smuggling and crime

Nebojša Medojević

The statement issued by the Police Administration regarding the entry of the Albanian police into Montenegrin territory offends against common sense and just goes to show how much the regime in Podgorica depends on the smuggling clans in Kosovo and Albania.

Nowhere in the world is there such an agreement by which one country allows the police forces of another country to enter its territory. Any entry of foreign police and armed forces is considered as an act of aggression and a reason for military intervention.

Not a single police administration, of any country, would allow the police of some other country to enter its territory and carry out police activities. The only possible solution, in accordance with the Constitution and the legislation of Montenegro, is to establish joint patrol units, for the purpose of performing some operational tasks aimed at combating smuggling and organised crime.

Montenegro’s border with Albania and Serbia’s temporarily occupied territory of Kosovo is the most disastrous border in Europe which provides an open route for the smuggling of drugs, cigarettes, arms, people. The smuggling in question is a joint venture of the regimes in Podgorica and Pristina, as was publicly admitted by one of the key drug lords in the region, Naser Kelmendi (blacklisted by the US a national security threat), when he said, during an interview with TV Vijesti, that he has many friends among the top Montenegrin officials and that he actively supported Montenegro’s referendum by financing the transport of voters from Kosovo and the Diaspora.

The smuggling channel from the Port of Bar via Rozaje is the main route for the smuggling of drugs and cigarettes to the EU and it is clear that this is a joint enterprise undertaken by the governments in Podgorica and Pristina. This border is a serious security problem for Montenegro, and there are reasonable grounds for believing that Djukanovic and Markovic, thanks to their primary smuggling interests, have given a part of Montenegro’s territory as a gift to the fake state of Kosovo, which is why there are Albanian police officers patrolling on the official territory of the state of Montenegro. Knowing very well the extent of their treachery, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Albanian police officers were placing new border signs deep into the territory of Montenegro and marking new quotas, which have been secretly gifted to their smuggling brethren in Pristina.

DF calls upon all patriotic powers in Montenegro to be alert and ready to defend vital state and national interests, because Montenegro’s smuggling government wouldn’t hesitate to put the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state in jeopardy, for the sake of personal profit. DF will not recognise any border changes and concessions detrimental to Montenegro and we will be ready, once we are in power, to bring the Montenegrin Army back to the borders to protect the country’s territorial integrity. The border with Kosovo and Albania is one of the biggest security problems of Montenegro, and, if necessary, a wall should be erected there in order to prevent the smuggling and crime which threaten the national and state interests of Montenegro.

We have no dilemma. Montenegro first.

Nebojsa Medojevic
Member of the Parliamentary Security and Defence Committee